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Testing Your Flexibility

Yoga is a great way to gain flexibility. Even 10 minutes of stretching will provide noticeable progress over time. Too often I hear clients say "be paitent with me, I'm not as flexible". The truth is, neither am I. The good thing about yoga is our body allows us to begin just where we are. You don't need to be super flexible to start. If you are wanting to start practicing yoga it is best to start with some flexibility tests.

Hamstring Flexibility Test

1. Lay on your back with your legs straight out.

2. Life on leg into the air, while keeping your head and back on the floor see how far you can reach up your leg. Do this for both sides.

It's great if you can touch your shins and then work towards touching your toes. If you can't touch your shins grab a yoga strap and put it at the base of your food. Let the strap slowly guide you deeper into the pose.

Spine and Neck Flexibilty Test

1. Start in a seat, slowly rotate to one side looking behind you.

If you aren't able to look 180 degrees this is due to tension in your neck. Pay attention to any sensations in your neck. We hold alot of stress in our neck. To release stress and tension, practice this exercise multiple times a day.

Shoulder Flexibility Test

1. Stand at Tadasana (Mountain Pose), keeping your arms by your side.

2. Bring hand behind your back and clasp the opposite arm.

3. The goal is to reach mid-forearm or elbows.

When you perform the stretch focus on pushing your chest forward opening your heart, keeping tall posture, and abs tight. If you cannot touch your mid-forearm you can clasp your hands or use a strap as you gradually gain flexibilty. Practice this stretch multiple times a day holding the position 1-2 minutes.

Anytime you complete any positions notice any sensations or pains in your body. If you are feeling a sharp pain gently move out of the position.

Come test your flexibility at our upcoming open house August 18th to see your starting point and schedule your personalized yoga class!

Amy Coleman,

Licensed Yoga Instructor


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